Sunday, June 15, 2008

No West Ham News Again

For about the fourth day in a row there seems to be no real news concerning West Ham.

So for my drivel today I'd just like to say how much I'm enjoying UEFA 2008. For me this has been the best international tournament (World Cup or Euro) for many a year. I'm obviously not alone in being impressed by Holland, Spain and Portugal, all of whom are playing fast and attractive football.

The fact that England didn't qualify on its own would suggest we are behind some of the other European footballing nations. However watching some of the quality of football on display might even convince some of the pundits who still talk about 'this generation' of players being good enough to win the World Cup that that is simply not true. I can't help but think England would have looked as ponderous and as slow (if not as old) as the Italians if they had qualified.

Looking at the present England team I can't name one player who can attack the opposition at pace with the ball at their feet. Joe Cole lacks pace but is perhaps the only current England player who can take an opponent on - of course he was named on the bench for England's last game.

I hope Walcott is given some first team football at Arsenal this year - I think England are going to need him. I'm struggling to think of any other English players with speed and the ability to beat someone with the ball at their feet.


At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking at Russia,Greece,not to mention the hosts, Poland ,Italy and even Sweden, brings the point home about the travesty it is that England didn t qualify. Even if England lack the "killer attacking player with pace" that you refer to, I still think there is more than enuf talent in the current England side to have done respectably in this tournament. Holland and Portugal look the only 2 we may have struggled to cope with, and I think even the latter we might have held our own against.

Altho it s early yet, and Cappello has already managed to irritate England supporters from time to time,I can t help but think that if he had been the manager during the qualifying stages ,that England wud be in this tournament now. It s been entertaining so far,but that also brings home the size of the blunder in the FA having entrusted McClaren with the job of securing qualification for the tournament.

It wudn t do West Ham s current owner any harm to learn from England s mistake here. Doing things on the cheap can end up costing you dearly in the end. Before this owner contrives to get rid of all 3 of Solano,Zamora and Ljungberg, he might stop and think . And he might revisit what happened to West Ham in 2002-03 when we left ourselves short of options once the injuries occurred.


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