Friday, November 28, 2008

Guess What - It's West Ham's Fault

Sheffield Utd made an operating loss of £3.5m last year. Guess who they are blaming.

One day McCabe will hold his hand up to his responsibility in the dire football and the dire running of a football club that has occurred under his stewardship of a once respectable club. I bet you one thing - that will be a cold day in Hell.

Meanwhile Sheffield Utd are once again taking the moral high ground. This time over Chris Morgan’s GBH against Barnsley striker Iain Hume. Blades assistant manager Sam Ellis says,

“We think people have made a little bit more out of it than they should have.”

Is he talking about Iain Hulme making such a fuss over a mere fractured skull?

Here is the Mirror's take on Sheffield United's position over Iain Hulme,

"It must be that Sheffield United are referring to Barnsley Football Club as the people who have made too much of the unpleasantness at Oakwell. It is, after all, Barnsley who are threatening to bring a civil action against Morgan and his club. United obviously think this is all wrong, and that the FA’s ruling should be a final end to the matter.

This, by the way, is the same Sheffield United who refused the official ruling on the West Ham saga, and are using their own lawyers to try and grab £30 million. The double standard at work here is both hilarious and pitiful.

If Sheffield United can have their day in court, then why can’t Barnsley? If an official ruling is the end of the matter in one thing, then why not in everything?

Why not? Because Sheffield United’s talk of fairness only applies when it’s fair to them, that’s why. Anything else gets the elbow."

Perhaps the sports hacks at The Daily Mail should take lessons from the journalists at The Daily Mirror.


At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the daily mirror talking sence..... now ive seen everything!!

At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sheff utd are a great club being run by a parasite who has no place in football ! i have many friends in sheffield who are totally embarassed by the whole tevezgate affair ! they are devastated as are many west ham fans that one man can, macabe, can think only of money and does not recognise the fact sheff utd were not good enough to stay up over the course of the season, and drag both these clubs through a court battle, fact is macabe who had the money to buy sheff utd a few good players to get them out of trouble did in fact not buy ! thus resulting in relegation, many sheff utd fans realise this and blame macabe, not the hammers who did spend money to get out of trouble !


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