Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Mail Vomits Over West Ham Again

The Daily Mail in true Sheffield Utd arse-kissing mode are reporting that the White Knights of Sheffield United are prepared to save the financially insecure West Ham by settling for £25 million.

In the view of The Daily Mail "McCabe is being pragmatic as well as magnanimous."

No he isn't, he is feeding The Daily Mail leaks and they are bending over backwards to kiss his arse.

I really hope the Arbitration Panel do eventually meet to decide on a compensation package. I suspect they might be really annoyed by the consistent leaking by Sheffield Utd to The Daily Mail of what was supposed to be a confidential decision. I hope that they are so annoyed they decide on a compensation award in the area of a half a million pounds.

I hear The Daily Mail are also supporting the Hitler's in their claim against the UK. They claim that England only survived the second World War by their fielding of two illegal countries (the USSR and the USA) who were clearly not properly registered as allies at the beginning of the conflict.


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