Wednesday, January 14, 2009

West Ham Want Bojinov

West Ham are interested in buying Man City's Valeri Bojinov, according to Valeri Bojinov.

"Two days ago, Zola called me on my mobile and told me that he wants me in West Ham," Bojinov said.

"I answered that I feel great in Manchester City and don't want to leave the team. I'm happy the City management values me. The only thing I want is to be healthy again, so that I can prove myself.

"Mark Hughes told me that Zola wants me but City made it perfectly clear that they don't want to sell me."

This does raise the question of whether West Ham have been considering a swap deal fo Craig Bellamy, who Man City have already made two bids for.

It is widely being reported in the papers this morning that Herita Ilunga has become a target for Liverpool, who are going to hijack the player from West Ham. I just wonder if this rumour has started with Ilunga's agent, who a couple of weeks ago was claiming that West Ham were on the verge of offering the player a permanent contract.

Besides Ilunga's agent revealed that West Ham "have an option to sign him until April." So it seems Liverpool couldn't sign Ilunga yet anyway.


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