Friday, February 13, 2009

Parker Signs New West Ham Deal

Scott Parker has signed a new contract that commits him to West Ham until the summer of 2013. Parker said on signing his new contract,

"There has been a lot of negative things written, saying there was a crisis and all of that. This shows that West Ham are in a position to keep their players when others want them and as a player and for the fans, that is a great thing.

The manager showed a real desire to keep me. He sees me as a massive part of the squad and that meant a lot to me, especially when there were things being written everywhere. So I am delighted to sign."

Scott Duxbury said,

"Added to the absolute assurances Gianfranco has given fans this week about his long-term commitment, this agreement is a further sign that we can all look forward. Today's news underlines that a lot of nonsense has been written and said about this club in recent weeks.

It is clear that even if external forces try to destabilise us, nothing will stand in the way of our football project and our efforts to bring success to this club and our supporters."


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