Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Di Michele Wants to Stay at West Ham

Di Michele says that he is satisfied with his performance this season and would like to stay at West Ham next season.

"It's has been a good season for me," he told whufc.com. "Maybe I should have scored a few more goals but I'm very satisfied because I played much more games than I expected. I'm also surprised how well I settled down in London. My wife and my children as well, we couldn't have asked more. I love life here.

"As I have already said many times I'd love to stay at West Ham for a few more years. I feel good at this club and I really hope Torino will let me stay here. But in football you never know what can happen and at this stage my desire can't make the difference. It's up to the two teams to find an agreement."

Frank Lampard and John Terry could both play in a testimonial match for West Ham Academy Director Tony Carr. Michael Carrick, Joe Cole and Rio Ferdinand are also reported to have pledged to play a part.

Carr told The Sun,

Frank and John Terry have both agreed in principle to play. It speaks volumes about Frank that he is prepared to do that for me after everything that’s been going on.


At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes. it just might speak volumes about the fact that lampard wud not have achieved what he has to date without his experience at west ham.

let the arrogant pinprick lampard think of that next time ,before he gives it the big one in front of the centenary upper. overpaid low-life.

as for di michele, we all know he's not a finisher,but he does create chances for others ,and is worth keeping at the club as a reasonable sub

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

3-3-4 or 2-1-3-4...
Ashton, Cole, Di Michele --
Behrami, Parker, Noble --
Upson, Ilunga, Tomkins, Neil

Savio, Stanislas, Collison, Sears, Spector etal on the bench.

Not too shabby. I like the options that come with this lineup.


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