Monday, April 13, 2009

West Ham News on Monday

A number of newspapers have now reported on the story in yesterday's Star that Gianfranco Zola has agreed a new four-year deal with West Ham. It is reported that Steve Clarke will also be offered a similar extension.

The Express have had a look at the West Ham website and report that Matthew Upson is desperate for West Ham to clinch a Euro spot. They say that having tasted Champions League action with Arsenal, Matthew Upson is keen for a return to Europe.

"I have personal aspirations that I want to achieve," said Upson. "To play against the best players in the world can only help you. It’s about testing yourself."

On the official West Ham website Zola counters Harry Redknapp's claim that the current youngsters at West Ham aren't as good as the ones 'he' developed at the club.

"We will see in time," said Zola. "I believe that when Rio [Ferdinand], [Frank] Lampard or Joe Cole were coming through, they were just promising. Then they improved. It is just down to my players. If they work hard everyday and keep the right attitude, they can do that.

"I believe that everybody owns their own destiny. When I started there were a few that said I wouldn't become a player but they didn't know my attitude and my mentality. I believe my players have the same attitude and they can become important players.

Elsewhere a number of football websites are reporting that Zola is confident that West Ham will renew Lucas Neill's contract.

"I know the club are dealing with that and Lucas knows my opinion about that so now it is down to Lucas and the club to find a solution and I believe they are working with that," said the Italian.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it just gets better and better . u can always count on a moron like harry redknapp to put his size 13 s in it. every time.

his "youngsters" were better? First of all, they weren't "his". second of all, they only improved ,and reached their potential when left Hooray Henrietta Harry.

complete and utter loser. white hart blame have what they deserve . their made for each other.

especially Rory " I can't seem to find my william in the custard" johnson.


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