Monday, June 29, 2009

Scott Duxbury on KUMB

KUMB have published in full their interview with Scott Duxbury and it does make for an interesting read, especially if you are interested in the last couple of turbulent years at West Ham and what the club's plans are for the future.

The interview seems to underline the fact that West Ham are becoming a little more open with the fans and that they are becoming better at promoting West Ham in the media. Key to this better PR seems to be the Duxbury inspired 'Project'.

Some fans of West Ham are a little cynical of the 'Project', seeing it as an excuse to sell off fringe players and to then not re-invest the money in the squad. In the KUMB interview Duxbury does a very good job of explaining the reality behind the off-loading of players in January and helps to underline the importance of the 'Project' for the club.

Duxbury admits that the 'Project' is partly spin,

"... it might be seen as spin - and to a certain degree, it is. Because what we're trying to do is create a message to the fans and to the media of what we're trying to do."

Duxbury calls the 'Project' a 'message'. In essence the Project creates a simple narrative for the club, not only for the fans and the media but also for the players and the non-playing staff at the club. This narrative explains the ambitions of West Ham and tries to explain how they will be achieved. It is a narrative that is simple to understand and gives the club focus from top to bottom.

West Ham Till I Die has just posted part three of its interview with Scott Duxbury.


At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

let tonbridge muppet stick to what he does worst :
pseudo political journalism . and stop wasting west ham supporters time . like we need another version of duxbury s interview ,when the proper one is already on kumb.

funk off tonbrdige. u ain t got no game. never did ,never will

At 5:57 PM, Blogger apache said...

Blimey 11.43 Anonymous, you have some anger management issues! Maybe some intelligence issues too, it's fairly obvious that Scott Duxbury is on some sort for charm offensive for some reason or another and he is using as many media outlets as he thinks is necessary. He's given 'exclusive' interviews to WesthamtillIdie and to KUMB. Try reading them before being so dismissive.


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