Sunday, July 25, 2010

West Ham Get Ambitious

You have to hand it to the two Davids they certainly have been ambitious with their transfer targets this summer. The West Ham owners seem to have a plan of targeting big stars in the twilight of their careers. Already the owners have looked at Henry and Beckham this summer and now Ronaldinho is apparently on their radar.

According to The Daily Mail West Ham have "been linked with a sensational bid for Brazil star Ronaldinho, whose future at AC Milan remains in doubt". The Mail say Ronaldinho earns about £150,000 a week

It also appears that West Ham are keen to give David Beckham a role in their campaign to move to the Olympic stadium. David Gold told The Daily Express,

"David Beckham could play a massive part, because of his roots, in helping West Ham win the Olympic Stadium.

And maybe he can still play for us in the autumn of his career. For him to join a club like us and help us bring another dream to fruition would be perfect for everyone. We want him aboard."


At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paying very high wages to a players very near the end of their careers is a poor use of money ,especially when teh club remains heavily in debt. It is one thing to take a player on a free tramsfer as Man Utd did with Owen,but even in that case it was questionable given Owen's wage demands.

The club shud focus on younger players who have the bulk of their careers still in front of them, and on players prepared to make a commitment to West Ham ,rather than just spend a season or 2 at Upton Park before buggering off to greener pastures.

We cannot become anything better than a midtable side if we pursue ,year in and year out, players in teh twilite of their players, or players who are only keen to use us as a waystation to bigger clubs. Trying to do things on the hurry ,or trying to take teh easy way out by flashing big cash is never going to work.

You either do it properly,and gradually ,as Villa and Everton have done it ,or you are condemned to wasting more and more money and remaining deeply in debt. We cannot do achieve anything until the debt is reduced to a manageable level- flashing cash to big name ex -stars is foolish. If we go down that road,we will be punished- and rightfully so

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think bringing one high profile player in is such a train-smash. They are going for many, but they probably only want one.


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