Monday, July 12, 2010

Is Scott Parker for Sale?

Over the weekend one of the two Davids, in an answer to a reporter's questions, said something along the lines of if a club offered over £100 million for Scott Parker then they might think again about the no sale policy.

The media are now interpreting that to mean West Ham will listen to offers for Parker. For example today Sky say "West Ham United co-owner admitted every player has his price." Sky of course make no mention of the fact that the club's owners actually said if someone offered over £100 million then they might think again about selling Parker.

The Daily Mirror claim David Sullivan has flown to France to try and thrash out the £12 million deal for Nice striker Loic Remy. The sticking point seems to be how often and how big the transfer fee instalments will be made.


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Even for 25 million, as superb a player as Parker is , and as fantastic an attitude teh player has, teh club wud be hard pressed to reject such an offer. This is a club that remains 85 million pounds in debt,which simply has to be reduced significantly by Xmas. I really hope that Parker stays, as has been simply outstanding ,but we all have to take on board that there are no guarantees with him or any of our best players until teh debt is reduced to a manageable level. We can thank the inept Icelandics for that .


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