Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hitzlsperger Doubt for Saturday

Thomas Hitzlsperger was substituted, with what the West Ham website are calling a 'possible muscle injury', in Germany's game last night against Denmark.

The German media have quoted Hitzlesperger as saying, 'I hope I can play the season opener this weekend.', which hopefully means the injury isn't too serious.

The Sun are reporting that Jeremie Aliadiere has been given a trial at West Ham. Aliadiere is a free agent after not being given a new contract by Middlesbrough. Aliadiere had a previous unsuccessful loan at West Ham in 2005.

I seem to remember him blaming West Ham after he left for the fact that he had been so useless. So I'm a bit surprised he wants to come back.

The Mail report that West Ham have also given a trial to Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Paul Smith, 30.


At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did it ever dawn on you that what he was complaining about was not being given a proper run in the side? And he wasn't far off the mark. The manager at the time, in another one of his "genius" decisions,chose to rarely ever play the guy.

Genius. Just a like a blog muppet who slagged off Zamora and advised selling him. Real genius that. We almost got relegated last season for a lack of striking options. And now Zamora is in the England set-up.


At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zamora never wanted to leave. He was all but forced out. If he had stayed though well, last season would have been much better. He is the single most under-rated player in England in my opinion. He's showing for England a few nights ago was awesome.
Why do we need a new keeper? Green is still very good and Stetch is making his mark now, each time I see him play he improves ten fold. Save the money, don't buy 30 year old keeper.
For free, Aliadiere could be just as good a signing as Hitz. Time will tell but for the fantastic price of zero (providing he isn't greedy with wae demands) I'd defenitly welcome him to Upton Park.

I'll even chip in and buy him a tub of bubbles.


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