Thursday, November 25, 2010

Noble Faces Five Weeks Out

The Daily Mail say that Mark Noble is facing five weeks out after suffering a leg injury against Liverpool. However they also say that West Ham are waiting for the results of a scan so the five week time period is obviously speculation on The Mail's part.

Sheffield Utd have published for the first time in their annual accounts the amount they will be receiving from West Ham over the Carlos Tevez affair.

The Daily Mail say that the Blades will receive in total £18.1m from West Ham in stage payments that will be completed by 2013.

TalkSport have an interview with Ray Winstone in which he slates West Ham's players for not caring.


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Apartments Nerja said...

Is this Noble story accurate? I hope not, I can't see it on many sites!

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

It’s clear that there is a lack of fight in the team at the moment. The popular opinion seems to be that the players don’t care. I think that Upson is waiting to leave, and I agree that Parker and Noble stand out as players who will fight to the death, (although Green should be mentioned alongside them) but I also think that no player on any team goes on to the pitch not caring if they win or lose. I don’t think they are lazy, I think they are demoralised and disorganised. That is partly down to them as professionals to pick themselves up, but it’s primarily down to the owners and manager to create an atmosphere that motivates the payers and a playing system that gets the best out of them.

One point about feeling proud of the club. One thing that would make me proud is the fans cheering instead of booing. Fans that slate the players for not playing their part then boo are hypocrites. Of course we are entitled to express our dissatisfaction but we have a responsibility to do it in a reasonable way, like emailing the club or leaving comments on blogs. There are few uglier sights than people turning on each other when things go wrong. The fans can give a defiant ‘Rob Green salute’ to rest of the league by going down fighting.


At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Apartments Nerja said...

Yeah Paul I agree, Noble has really got his act together this season after what was, let's not beat around the bush, a lackluster showing last season! And I don't know how Parker has the spirit to keep going the way the rest of the team crumble around him! He is a god! But I can't see him staying when we go down! :(

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree that the booing is stupid beyond belief-what good does it do? All it does is shatter confidence.

Players may notbe going out on the oitch not caring if they win or lose, but that doesn't mean that they are super motivated either. Apart from Noble,Green and Parker ,I see nobody who looks 100 pct committed. Even our top goal scorer,Piqionne,at times looks lazy.

Grant has a lot to answer for in terms of organization and tactics. Even with injuries and tough first set of games,he shud have delivered better results than this. There is no reason why this club shud not be on 14 or 15 points now,and Grant must be held accountable.

At 12:01 PM, Anonymous Apartments Nerja said...

The most shocking thing is our tactics when we take the lead! We play so defensive! The Birmingham game was a joke! How can we be so dominant for 70 minutes and draw! I think when we look back, this will be the game that sent us down!


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