Friday, November 26, 2010

Noble Out Until 2011

The BBC report that Mark Noble will be out of action until the new year. Noble suffered a hip injury during the Liverpool game. The BBC say that it is unclear exactly how long Noble will be out for, although it is hoped he will be back playing in early January.

ESPN are reporting that Cole will be dropped for the Wigan game as punishment for criticising Avram Grant's tactics against Liverpool. ESPN claim that Grant called a players' meeting and told his squad that he will not tolerate public rebukes from West Ham players.


At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Apartments Nerja said...

Looks set to be Kovac and Behrami for the crunch tie against Wigan then! COYI's at least give us some hope! 父

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a clever move by Grant. It wasn't wise of Cole to express his criticism in the media ,but is it worth risking the 3 points by "punishing him?" Who is being punished here,the supporters and the club,or Cole?

We are short in midfield as is ,w/o Noble and possibly w/o Parker. So if Cole is benched,then Piquionne has to play upfront rather than on the wing. Punishing Cole in this instance is punishing ourselves.

Grant should put the team and teh supporters ahead of his own ego

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Robbie the Hammer said...

Cole was right!
The Liverpool game was shocking!
We looked like headless chickens (barring Green).
So punish Cole, lose the game, and lose your job.
Finally, why is Upson wearing the captain's arm band? The only thing he is leading, is the line out of Upton Park. The man has lost his heart.
Parker commands respect!
Come on you Irons!!!

At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is exactly it in a nutshell. Upson ,the captain,does not command respect from either the players or the supporters. Parker, who is vice-captain,commands respect from EVERYBODY, and should indeed be the captain.

The fact that Upson has been unwilling for months now to sign a contract extension has had a negative impact on teh team. What kind of signal does it send to his teammates ,when the captain refuses to sign a new contract? And what kind of message does it send to players and supporters alike, when Upson remains captain,despite not signing,and despite failing on the pitch both in terms of performance and leadership? Is it any wonder that the atmosphere in teh dressing room is as bad as it appears to be?

At 6:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God almighty what next!!!!
Ground share with S@#rs!!!
Its turning into a panto, you just could not make it up, we lose are 2 best midfielders to injury then we drop our best? striker.
Gold&Sullivan do something now for the sake of our club.
bob the Hammer

At 11:25 PM, Anonymous Apartments Nerja said...

Every single Hammers fan I know without question thinks Scotty should be captain!


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