Friday, December 03, 2010

Safety First at West Ham

The Daily Mail is the latest newspaper to hail Wally Downes as the saviour of West Ham. Downes told The Mail that the West Ham defence has to have a safety first policy

'If the ball is there, you have to get rid of it,' said Downes.

'There's no value to overcomplicating things in your own final third. I like to play football in the opposition's half. That's where the damage is caused, so the more you can keep it away from your goalkeeper the better.

'The lads have all pulled together and wanted to get that Liverpool result out of their systems. They have responded to everything we have said to them since and when you put your all in in training and in the games, you get results.

'There is a determination within them to show they can play football. They let one another down and let the fans down at Liverpool and have gone about the last two games to show that they are passionate about what they are doing.

'You could see the confidence in the dressing room after Tuesday's performance. Saturday was a win-at-all-costs game and it didn't matter how we played as long as we got the win.

'We have got to keep going right the way through to May. Every time they pull the shirt on and every time they cross the line, they have got to be up for it.'


At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Holiday Rentals Nerja said...

Right... I think they are definitely overplaying Wally's input! He has only been there for just over a week! haha how can you have that much affect in such a small time! I think he has brought with him a good attitude and positive thinking but come on, I think some praise should go to super avram grant lol


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