Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Need Nine Points

Avram Grant believes West Ham need to win three of their six remaining games to avoid relegation,

"We can win three of our last six games. We need to get to 41 points. The players are very committed to the team and we can win three of our last six games.

I still believe that we can stay in the league. What you saw in the first half at Bolton is not something that you see every day in our team. It was an exception."


At 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

9 points probably about rite ,altho i wud say 10 given that Bpool on 33 . which is why failing to at least hold on to a draw vs man utd cud prove very costly

can someone pls explain why at 2-0 with 60 minutes gone, we did not simply put 10, or even 11 men behind the ball to ensure that WORST CASE,we at least got a point?

letters on a postcard pls

At 5:34 PM, Blogger Paul said...

Avram, me old mate, if that was an "exception" then where have you been all season? More like the rule than the exception, and that's why we are where we are in the League. I know it must be hard coming up with stuff to say to the idiots of the Press after a comprehensive defeat like this, but please don 't insult those of us supporters who have been around for so many years and seen so many of these 'exceptions"...


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