Monday, June 06, 2011

Parker Takes a Break Before He Leaves

Scott Parker says he will consider his future at West Ham after he has taken a family holiday. He also says that his future is out of his hands, which suggests he believes it won't be at West Ham,

"I've not really any idea where I might be playing next season. My main focus now is going away with my family on holiday and just relaxing. It's been a tough season and my main focus is getting away and just relaxing.

"I haven't set myself a deadline. Whether you believe it or not, my main focus is just going away and relaxing and what's to be is going to be. It's out of my hands, out of my control, really, isn't it? We will see what happens."

Victor Obinna is the latest player to blame Avram Grant for West Ham's relegation,

"West Ham is too big to play in the lower league. I want to apologise to the fans because they don’t deserve the Championship. It is still like a bad dream.

"Too many things went wrong, from the board, to the coaches and the players. We had a good team but our coaching crew did not know how to use the type of players at its disposal. The coaches were just incapable.

"I trained hard after I came back from the injury but the coach and his back room staff felt I was not good to start. It is quite frustrating. The fans thought I should be playing, but it is the manager who decides and you can’t challenge him on that count."


At 8:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will be a sad day when scotty leaves, can't say i blame him!, although i think it will be a mistake joinng Liverpool,Arsenal or S@@rs it will be Chelsea revisited bit part in top team 10-15 games a year, loss of form and his England chances gone.
Thanks Avram you Muppet!!!
Bob The Hammer


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