Sunday, October 02, 2011

October - It's Make or Break Time

Despite Man City having already rejected West Ham's loan offer for Carlos Tevez, Sam Allardyce seems to be the only person in football who still has a good word for the striker,

"He wouldn’t be a problem to me. I have handled a lot worse than him in my career.

"Why wouldn’t you want him? If the chairman agrees to pay his wages and if he wants to join us, then I would love him here. Players like him have the ability to win you games and when you need a goal, they produce it. His goal record is tremendous."

October looks like it could be the defining month in our season. This month we face some of the toughest teams in the league. After yesterday's draw away to Palace West Ham have fallen behind Allardyce's two points a game target.

With home games against Blackpool and Leicester and away trips to Southampton and Brighton remaining in October it's going to be tough to get back on that two points a game target. West Ham would need to win three of those games and draw in the other to get the ten points needed to meet the target.

If West Ham manage to do that we will end the month in the automatic promotion positions. However anything less than six points could leave us a little behind the pace .

No wonder Allardyce is keen on Tevez.


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