Friday, August 17, 2007

London Tonight Attack West Ham

Here is a report from last night's London Tonight. This has to be the most shocking piece of inaccurate reporting I have ever seen. The reporter Piers Hopkirk clearly knows nothing about football or West Ham.

To play the video right click on the black square and select play.

Error No.1:

Their rent-a-mouth 'legal expert' Richard Kramer clearly knows absolutely nothing about what he is talking about and bases his argument on the misunderstanding that Sheffield United are taking West Ham to the high court. In fact football teams are not permitted to sue each other and the Blades are taking West Ham to an FA convened tribunal.

Error No.2

Piers Hopkirk then goes on to claim that West Ham "were doing very badly indeed and in a last throw of the dice" signed Tevez and Mascherano. Obviously making it to an FA cup final and finishing 9th in our first season back in the Premier League was a disaster the club were desperate to recover from.

Error No.3

Piers Hopkirk finally claims that Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer fought 'here at Upton Park'. Ah The Boleyn home to Newcastle United.

Piers 'hit on the head with a polo mallet as a child' Hopkirk should clearly stick to reporting on rugger or fencing.


At 9:35 AM, Anonymous west_ham said...

Further to Error No. 2, I took it that Piers was suggesting that we were doing badly last season and then signed the Argies, when as we all know it was the other way round.

This is obviously equally as wrong but I don't think he was suggesting the previous season was bad. He just got the date of the signings wrong. Also he only targetted Tevez's signing as being dubious when we actually got fined for both signings.

That's about as blinkered as reporting gets.


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