Thursday, August 16, 2007

West Ham Come out Fighting - Hammers Smash Blades

West Ham's official statement (see post below) ridicules Sheffield United's basic (and 'desparate') misunderstanding of the December 1st contract.

The Blades in a statement on their website claim that they are taking their latest action because this document was not seen by the original commission. As I pointed out this afternoon West Ham had already announced that this document had been seen by the Premier League and had been submitted to the disciplinary commission. Clearly the Blades have employed a legal team as clueless as their chairman.

West Ham have also announced that they "will not permit these repeated slurs to go unchallenged and are in discussions with their legal advisers in relation to the action they might take." Hopefully McCabe will now stop making his ridiculous accusations against West Ham - but somehow I doubt it.


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