Thursday, August 16, 2007

West Ham React to Blades

West ham have issued the following official statement in reaction to Sheffield United's attempt to seek compensation:

West Ham United is extremely disappointed that Sheffield United has seen fit to embark on this latest desperate action. Not only does Sheffield United's claim lack legal merit, but it is also based on Sheffield United's incorrect belief that West Ham United withheld an agreement from the Premier League and the April Disciplinary Commission.

In fact, long before the disciplinary hearing, West Ham United made the Premier League fully aware of the existence and status of the agreement in question. This agreement was then included in the documentation produced for the Disciplinary Commission who were therefore also aware of its existence throughout the proceedings.

Sheffield United's latest assertions clearly demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation and any proceedings brought by them will be vigorously defended by West Ham United.

In the meantime, West Ham United and its new owners will not permit these repeated slurs to go unchallenged and are in discussions with their legal advisers in relation to the action they might take.


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