Friday, August 17, 2007

West Ham to Face FA Panel

According to The Times the dispute between West Ham and Sheffield United will be considered by a three-man panel, appointed by the FA, which has the authority to award any penalty, including compensation. Sheffield United have asked that Robert Englehart QC sits on the panel. Fulham may also join the proceedings against West Ham, who have 14 days to respond to the accusations.

This seems very strange to me. West Ham broke the rules of the Premier League for which they were punished by the Premier League's appointed disciplinary Commission and then also had to face an appeal against that commission's punishment. West Ham did not break any FA rules so why should we face yet another panel under the auspices of another authority (whose rules we didn't break)? I would also like to know what would happen if West Ham just refused to take part in this farce.

Avvording to The Times Peter Coyle, an expert in sports litigation, who is a partner at Coyle White Devine, the legal firm, said that Sheffield United do not have a case. “I think they are on a hiding to nothing,” he said. “Sheffield didn’t beat Wigan on the last day. That is a bigger reason for their relegation than Tévez and West Ham.”


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