Friday, August 17, 2007

Sheffield United Break FA Rule K 6b

Sheffield United have served notice of arbitration to West Ham under the Football Association's Rule K. West Ham have 14 days to respond to this action.

West Ham's response must set out an admission or denial of Sheffield United's charges, the reasons behind any denial and whether West Ham wish to counterclaim. West Ham must also name at this time the person they wish to appoint as arbitrator (any arbitration will be heard by three arbitrators, one appointed by each club and one by the FA.

Rule K 6b states that:

"Except with the prior written agreement of the parties to the arbitration, no disclosure shall be made to any third party of the existence of the proceedings, the contents of any documents or other evidence produced in the arbitration or any procedural decision of the Tribunal or its Award."

So Sheffield United seem to have broken this rule of the arbitration before it even sits by making a public statement to the world's media today that they intend to take West Ham to arbitration (disclosing its existence) and that they are doing this because of the December 1st contract (disclosing the contents of documents).


At 10:43 AM, Blogger Keef said...

I am just confused by this whole thing. I think Sheffield United are being a bit silly about this whole thing really.


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