Monday, October 29, 2007

Cole Winning Over West Ham Fans

Carlton Cole has admitted he has been 'hurt' by the abuse he has received from some West Ham fans. Cole who has put in a number of good performances this season and was many fans man of the match on Saturday hopes he has put the boos behind him.

"I hope my relationship with the West Ham fans is on the upturn," said Cole. "They have been on my back. I got booed a lot and it hurts, but it's in my hands to try to change them and get them on my side.

I had a long think about my future in the summer. I didn't know if I was coming or going. But my friends and family told me to stick it out. If I didn't think I could do a job here I would leave. I want to make an impact at West Ham."

Robert Green , who also gained many plaudits after Saturday's game, is Matthew Upson's choice for England goalkeeper.

He has been in awesome form all season, strong and commanding," Upson said. "He has been outstanding and if he keeps going like that I can't see how England can overlook him.

I can't think why you would want to keep him out but he has been in or around England a long time and maybe the case is that you start to be recognised as just a squad member and not a serious contender.

That's the danger but I think he is now stating a case to play. If you're in enough squads and never actually playing you get pigeon-holed as a squad member."


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