Thursday, November 01, 2007

West Ham Top the Injury League

According to West Ham have by far and away the most injuries in the Premier League with 13 players out. We have nearly double the injuries of the next highest team Sunderland with 7 injuries.

Here are the injured players and their expected return dates (although I did hear an unconfirmed rumour today that Bellamy would actually be playing on Sunday with the help of a painkilling injection).

C Davenport Groin Strain 25th Nov 07
F Ljungberg Calf Muscle Strain 10th Nov 07
C Bellamy Abdominal Strain 25th Nov 07
A Ferdinand Hamstring Injury no return date
H Mullins Knee Injury no return date
M Noble Groin Strain no return date
J Collins Calf/Shin Injury 25th Nov 07
S Parker Knee Injury 25th Nov 07
H Camara Hamstring Injury 4th Nov 07 doubtful
D Ashton MCL Knee Ligament Injury 1st Dec 07
B Zamora Knee Injury 25th Nov 07
K Dyer Broken Leg May 08
J Faubert Ankle/Foot Injury Jan 08


At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Paul in Florida said...

And you noticed missed Camara's Hamstring!


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