Wednesday, February 13, 2008

West Ham Dream Alive

Lucas Neil says West Ham's one point from the last two games has dented West Ham's hopes of achieving European qualification this season, but they aren't giving up yet.

"We have obviously lost ground, we lost points and what should have been a really exciting month for us is now starting to look a little bit anti-climatic," Neill added.

"We are all very disappointed but also we had a good chat about what we are going to do here on in. As we all know last year we won seven out of nine games so all is not lost yet."


At 10:20 PM, Blogger portugal said...

i think neill s comment is fair,in that we face a 7 point gap,but we do have a game in hand,albeit at Anfield,and we do have 13 games left. as we saw last season, a lot can happen in 9 games,no less 13. As disappointing as the points haul from the last 2 fixtures was,there is a long way to go. perhaps this will be the real test of curbishley- can he coax the kind of commitment from the players
that he did in the run-in last term?


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