Thursday, March 20, 2008

Curbs Asked for Noble to be Dropped

It all makes sense now! Alan Curbishley has revealed that Mark Noble was left out of the England Under 21 squad at his request. Alan curbishley said,

"I went to go and see Stuart Pearce a couple of weeks ago because the last time he went away to go and play against Ireland we had to give him two days off here when he came back because he was shattered after putting so much in.

"I had the conversation with Stuart about burnout because Mark Noble up until about two weeks ago, along with Hayden Mullins, had played just about every game for us.

"It is a friendly, so Stuart has taken the opportunity to give him a rest.

"Some players haven't had a break all season and with the development of young players, you don't want to burn them out.

"It is still a learning thing for him and it will make him stronger physically and mentally for next year."


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