Monday, March 10, 2008

Schizo Mail on West Ham

The Daily Mail can't seem to make up its mind about West Ham. Today they quote West Ham goalkeeper Robert Green standing up for manager Alan Curbishley. Asked if he thought Curbishley should be replaced Green responded,

“I don't think it would help anyone. You can understand the frustration and the disappointment with the performances that have been put in. It hurt us because two out of the three came against London rivals. It is not what you associate with West Ham United, losing games like that.

We are in tenth place and it is a massive step in the right direction from where we were last year. We can go and do something about that until the end of the season.”

However having been told by Green that he supports Alan Curbishley's management the paper then claims the manager has lost the support of the players.

"Slaven Bilic has to be the next manager of West Ham. Soon. The locals will want the Croatia manager to take charge before Alan Curbishley can do any more damage.

The players have already made up their minds. They want Curbishley out, obviously, or else why aren't they trying harder?"

Are you calling Green a liar? That could be dangerous, he is a big man.


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

questions have to be asked about curbishley s ability to motivate. losing so comprehensively ,with two of those losses coming against local rivals ,points to an inability to get a positive response when the chips are down.
3 games in 8 days isn t easy,especially with 2 against the top 4, and losing upson in the process, but if we are consistently second to the ball, and can t seem to mark key players either individually or collectively ,then clearly the manager isn t getting his message across.

i don t think it s as black and white as the players not wanting to play for curbishley - after all, the players don t want to let themsleves or the fans down. but it may well be the case that the players don t find him very inspiring . moyes,redknapp and hughes all have strong personalities ,even if the latter seems very restrained at times on the touchline. i can t see any of those 3 managers failing to get a better response from their players than curbishley has in these circumstances.

it s not the case necessarily that curbishley is a bad manager. or that he doesn t care enough. it s clear the man cares big time, and i think he s at a minimum , an AEDQUATE manager.

but we need a manager who is better than just "adequate". we need a manager with tactical skill, with intensity, with an ability to motivate players. you don t get above tenth place with anything less than that from a manager. over the course of the season, we haven t done badly .

but we need BETTER THAN THAT ,including from the manager.

At 1:30 PM, Anonymous The Rooster said...

Good post bruv.

I totaly agree, the friggin tabloids are good at making up stories, and the Mail is one of the worst.
Not sure i would want Bilic as the new manager, we need to take a good look around 1st, A manager with some clout, that can bring excellent players to Upton Park because of his reputation.
Please lets not take Bilic, Hes just a 1 hit wonder, this time next year we will asking for his head.

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

agreed on the mail- they have a terribl ehabit of distorting west ham news and putting a negative spin on anything about the club.

it s a difficult call on bilic. he s done well for his country ,but he hasn t done it at club level, and he hasn t faced pressure like he wud in the Premiership. I like that the guy clearly feels strongly about west ham, but is that enough? you cud argue that keegan is loyal to newcastle, but look how he s struggling. he might work, but it could be very much a gamble.

we may need somebody with a proven track record, who can attract top players, who can motivate and relate to such players ,and who has creative ideas in terms of tactics. that man may have to come from the continent ,much as it would be nice to see an english manager given the chance.


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