Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sears Signs New West Ham Contract

At last some good news. Freddie Sears has signed a new two year contract with West Ham.

Academy director Tony Carr, commenting on the contract renewal, said:

"Even though Freddie was already under contract, it is an indication that if a boy pushes on, does well and catches the eye the club will recognise that with a new contract. That is an incentive for any young player to keep working, keep improving and if they show sufficient improvement they will be able to extend their stay at the football club.

"He has been with us since a very young age. It is a real endorsement of the academy system - another local boy nurtured from a very young age into the professional ranks. We have got high hopes for him for the future." That said, Carr was rightly cautious about expecting too much, too soon, claiming "it is a bit early for him to start thinking about what he might do and what he might not do" but added: "It is another stage in his development and we are pleased for him."


At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just put the kid in already.

Chris in NYC


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