Thursday, March 13, 2008

West Ham Manager Dodging the Assassins

West Ham manager Alan Curbishley has hit out at the media claiming that certain sections are out to get him. When asked about the dreaded 'vote of confidence' from the West Ham board Curbishley replied,

"It was a reaction to the personal stuff which has been written about me. When I talk to TV and radio, I know exactly what is being said and what is going out there.

"No disrespect to them, but sometimes the written stuff gets turned around, with a source here, or a source there. It becomes a bit tiresome really. But I cannot do anything about it.

"They don't make the headlines up, but certainly there are one or two agendas out there."

Nothing to do with three 4-0 drubbings in a row then?


At 5:02 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

precisely. many of us have been extremely patient ,willing to take on board that injuries have limited our ability to play a more attractive brand of football. we had accepted that although it hasn t been exciting to watch usually,that it was better to have accumulated 40 points by playing defensively ,than to be sitting on 30 points near the relegation zone.

but there are limits. the trade-off for seeing a generally dull,uninspiring brand of football,but achieving stability in the process, following a near dive to the Championship ,is that west ham should be competitive every time we step out on the pitch. not that we win or draw every time, and not that we never have a bad day at the office. but that we do not get made to look like a championship side on 3 straight occassions. and that we at a minimum demonstrate a Premiership level workrate every single time.

drawing to 10 men Reading on boxing day is one thing. it s not great but it happens. Taking 4 points from 9 against 3 sides in and around the relegation zone isn t great. but it happens.

but being turned over 3 times in 8 days is not acceptable. And all 3 of the teams we were overrun by have been at best inconsistent recently and not exactly in sparkling form.

Agenda? We all get judged on results . Focus on the job Alan ,and not arguing with the media.


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