Saturday, April 19, 2008

Neill Staying at West Ham

Since West Ham announced at the Fans Forum this week that Alan Curbishley is under pressure to reduce the size of the squad Lucas Neill has been one name linked with a move away from the club. Neill's high wages has ensured that he has been mentioned alongside Freddie Ljungberg as a player West Ham might try to sell in the summer.

However according to his agent it is all rubbish.

"We have not been approached by West Ham in regards to that, reviewing his contract or taking a pay cut," Paddy Dominguez said. "It doesn't make sense that a manager who only 14 months ago brought Lucas to the club and has installed him as captain would look to sell him.

"It would be very strange. Lucas' relationship with Alan is good and he is relishing the role of captain. Seeing that it's come from the British tabloids and no quote from Curbishley or West Ham, I wouldn't give it too much credibility."


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