Thursday, April 17, 2008

West Ham - Some In, Some Out

Alan Curbishley has been told by the owners he must reduce the size of the squad before he can purchase any more players.

The first team squad has to be reduced to about 24 players. Which means that Curbishley will have to sell around six players in the summer and also means that if we have the same injury problems next season West Ham will sometimes struggle to put out a side.

Hmm - six players out. I know at least three I'd choose.


At 12:01 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

This makes more sense than the drivel that was being published by the usual dishrag publications not long ago ,regarding wage cuts.

We will buy one or two quality players, but to do that is going to require that we sell players who are unlikely to feature again.
Certain players who fall into that category wud likely only attract interest from Championship clubs ,but whatever we can get for them ,will help the cause of funding the couple purchases we want to make.

To me the hardest decision is what to do with several veterans ,who though past their best ,may still be able to contribute at least as substitutes. Players in thi scategory may be worth selling if it builds the kitty to bring in one or two top signings. The downside of selling them is that if we experience a lot injuries again, we cud regret having parted with these players.

on the subject of player sales, here s an interesting case to think about. On the surface ,4 million seems good business to have received for Harewood. But when u look at it more closely , was it indeed worth it? Given the shortage of goals this season ,and our shortage of fit strikers ,whether u rate Harewood or not, would we have accumulated 5 or 6 more points so far if we had kept him?

It s clear he s having a much better season. How much of that is down to Oneil s motivational skills? How does that reflect on Curbishley? How much of it is down to him simply being part of a team that has been much more of an attacking force than we have?

I can understand why fans were cheesed off with Harewood last season,and I can t myself as one of them. I felt that his workrate was simply subpar too often. That said ,I think we were hasty in selling him. Subtract the wages that we have paid out to Camara ,and the sale of Harewood looks less clever.

Which is why i hope the owners think carefully this time about who they let go.

At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:50 PM, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

Hey Milkman I normally delete spam comments but I like your site.

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