Wednesday, April 16, 2008

West Ham Transfer Rumours & Other News

According to The Daily Mirror West Ham will battle with Plymouth and Manchester City to sign 20-year-old Barnet midfielder Albert Adomah.

Almost daily now West Ham are being linked with a £2 million move for Chelsea's Steve Sidwell.

Scott Parker says, that despite all signs to the contrary, the West Ham players are trying their hardest:

"Results have not been good but we are eager to change that as much as anyone. I can assure everyone who is involved around the club that we are trying our hardest and are trying our best to turn things around. We need to rally around and pick up points in the next game."

Hayden Mullins attempts to outdo Parker in the fantasy football stakes by arguing that losing to Bolton shows that West Ham are ready to push on to European qualification next season:

"We can build and this time next year we will be looking at a European place. If everyone stays fit, we can be looking at a top six place, which is what we are all aiming for."


At 11:35 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

Forgetting about whether west ham wud have any interest in Sidwell or not, I think Sidwell s situation says a lot about the state of the sport.

Chelsea bought th eplayer,knowing the guy wud seldom,if ever be used. Meanwhile, his previous club has been in a relegation battle all season. From a financial point of view,it benefited Sidwell. But from a footballing point of view ,how much good has it done him? He s not the first to find that out- Duff and Parker ,among others ,learned that sitting on the bench at Chelsea isn t all it s cracked up to be.

But the rules of the League are such that Chelsea can simply buy players it has no intention of using ,purely to prevent others from getting hold of them. You can argue that this is not all bad- we took a lot of cash from Chelsea following our relegation. But it does make one wonder whether this is really a good thing for the sport in the long run. In some ways ,it s making for an increasingly duller Premiership ,in which the top 4 can build "armies" big enough to field 2 or nearly 3 different sets of 11.

Per usual, there are no easy answers. Is a salary cap, or a modified version of it ,similar to what exists in American gridiron a solution? Perhaps, but that also has pitfalls.

I don t what the solution is, but Sidwell s case ,that of a player earning big money but rotting away in the reserves , is worrying, and increasingly typical of the Premier League now.

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

I would only blame Sidwell if he stayed there. Presumably he saw this as his big move and dreamt of regularly playing in the Champions League.

However now he knows that isn't going to happen if he has any self respect as a player surely he must put in a transfer request.

At 1:05 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

I agree - I m just not sure why he thought he had a realistic chance of ever really playing there on a regular basis. If you use Joe Cole as an example, even he didn t come on until the second half vs Wigan.

this is the big question:

self-respect vs. size of the bank account. i guess we ll find out soonenough which matters most to this individual.


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