Thursday, May 01, 2008

Robert Green Staying at West Ham

The rumours linking T#ttenham with a bid for West Ham goalkeeper Robert Green continue. The price talked about now seems to have risen to a cool £10 million. Alan Curbishley has said however that he expects to keep all his players, including Robert Green.

"The club will be keen to keep all the players. Rob's done very well this year and has been very consistent," Curbishley said.

"I don't think there will be any problems."

This seems to contradict slightly Scott Duxbury's statement that he has to trim the squad down to around 22 players but hopefully means that only fringe players at the club will be on the move.

Robert Green however has dismissed the rumour that was circulating last week that he and Dean Ashton are about to sign new contracts with the club.

"No, nothing has been discussed," said Green. "I think it is purely paper talk about a new contract, just as much as there is talk from people saying that I'm going to various other clubs as well.

"It's not something I've talked to the club about, but if it comes along, it comes along.


At 11:47 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

I feel that Curbishley s comments actually are in agreement with what Duxbury recently stated. Duxbury mentioned that the club has no desire or intent to sell experienced ,quality players, even if such players are on high wages.
Apart from the obvious, which is that we need such players if we are to finish in 8th place or better next season , Duxbury himself mentioned that such players are important in terms of helping bring along the young talent at the club.
What Duxbury did make clear , was that players who have not been involved ,for whatever reason, and who are not likely to be involved in the future, will go. Which is fair enough ,and the sale of such players ,even if it doesn t provide a huge windfall,will at least contribute funds towards one quality signing this summer. Reid,Davenport and Quashie fall into this category. The more awkward question is whether Collins or Gabbidon is to be sold- my own view is that one of them will go,but not both. Less likely in my opinion,but still possible ,wud be one from the elder contingent- Jimmy Walker,Bowyer or Boa Morte. None of these "older " players wud command a huge fee, but whatever we got from a sale of one wud help ,as wud the wage savings.

Regardless of the various rumblings otherwise, I think Curbishley s take on the situation is correct, and wud be correct whether he remained manager or not. There may be aspects of the new ownership that we don t necesarily like or feel comfortable with, but I really do feel that the days of us selling talent, experienced or young,such that we put our future success at risk, are over.

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To clarify when i said "various rumblings otherwise" ,I was referring to the various tabloid papers speculating on us having to make "forced sales" of players on high wages- I wasn t refering to the view of the editor of this blog,who does a goo djob at trying to present these and other issues objectively.

g portugal


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