Tuesday, June 03, 2008

West Ham Injuries Continue

Jonathon Spector faces up to six months out because of a hip injury, according to the BBC.

Spector was diagnosed with a torn labrum while training with the US team and is likely to require surgery.

Alan Curbishley has been ordered to cut the size of the West Ham squad. Considering West Ham's injury record and the fact that clubs can name seven substitutes next year (I think) it looks like this might be an unwise move.

Hopefully one player who will be fit is Craig Bellamy. Bellamy says he is giving up his between seasons break to get fit for the beginning of West Ham's next campaign,

"I will be keeping up with my fitness and training regime during the summer and I am looking forward to a full pre-season.

"I have not got a holiday planned because I am itching to get back already.

"I will continue doing my fitness work. My wife wouldn't want me around the house all day anyway, I will need to get out.

"I need to keep going so that I can go back to West Ham next season in good shape."


At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great attitude to have. Hopefully, no other WH players fall prey to injury during the off season.

Well Keir, it's good to have you back but i can't help but think you should have taken a longer break: you work too hard.

At 10:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

despite some media comments to the contrary ,i don t think we ll be selling many. And anyone who gets sold will be clearly someone surplus to requirements anyway. I think in terms of genuine starters or consistent ,reliable substitutes, not one will be sold ,apart from one or two ,either for reasons of attitude or personal unhappiness at the club.

I think what is true ,though, is that there is not likely to be more than one or two new faces . With Dyer and Bellamy to come back ,and Sears having begun to emerge .it s hard to see the owner being willing to pay for anyone new ,unless it s a very high quality player at a reasonable price (and we all know how many of those are about,ha...). I also think any high profile purchase would depend on offloading 3 or 4 players who wud fit into the "non-essential" category, not just for the transfer fees, but to stop paying wages to players who are not going to realistically contribute.

perhaps the biggest move we ll mak ein ther transfer market is to improve our medical program/facilities/staff etc. ,so that we can enjoy a season with a reasonably fit squad for a change

g portugal


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