Monday, July 07, 2008

West Ham Need To Be More Exciting

West Ham favourite Mark Noble has called on the West Ham team to give the fans a bit more entertainment next year. He has also laughed off suggestions that he might be moving to Arsenal,

"Hopefully it'll be a bit more exciting than last year - and we can push on into the UEFA Cup places," he said.

"I want to concentrate on West Ham and hopefully let them people keep saying those sort of things. I think it's (the link with Arsenal) just all rumours and I'm firmly happy where I am at the minute."


At 2:48 PM, Anonymous ohmygosh said...

Where was the quote from and what context?

Not sure if he means more exciting football or the season will be more exciting by us not sitting in 10th spot all season!

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Simon said...

it was from sky news, himself and anton were at a young footballers search thing. im sure the video is still there.
i think he means a more exciting season and that we can push further than last year


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