Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tristan Still on Trial?

Diego Tristan seems to be rivalling Quashie in the missing man stakes. It was reported this week that Tristan had headed back to Spain because he and West Ham could not agree on a deal. However the British press are now reporting that Tristan is still on trial at West Ham.

To support this claim the papers are quoting Zola as saying,

"Diego’s working very hard and we’re pleased with him. He could be a good alternative. He’s got a lot of experience and skills. He can do well, as long as he gets fit."

That looks very similar to something said by Zola a couple of week's ago. I wonder if one journalist just quoted Zola a week late and the others are all just rehashing it.

As for Quashie himself. It seems that now Birmingham are unsure where he is. It has been widely reported for at least a month now that Quashie will join Birmingham on loan. However Birmingham keep delaying and delaying any final decision. Now they are delaying again.

Karen Brady now says,

"Our fans are waiting for us to sign West Ham midfielder Nigel Quashie on loan for a month but I’m afraid they’ll have to stew a little because we want the 28-day loan period to start when he’s playing, not training."


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