Monday, December 08, 2008

West Ham 0 Sp#rs 2

Two embarrassingly poor sides were on show tonight. West Ham despite dominating much of the early possession in each half just look impotent going forward.

I think Zola has introduced some sort of fine system for players putting the ball in the opposition's penalty area. It must be about ten games now since a West Ham player has crossed a ball into the box. Surely the only reason they can be scared of crossing is because they get fined if they do it.

Against Gomez, a keeper who is awful with crosses and whose confidence is shot, and with Cole, a player who has some presence in the air you would have thought West Ham would be peppering the Sp#rs box with crosses. But West Ham just played everything through the middle.

Even when West Ham got freekicks in the Sp#rs' half Parker, instead of putting the ball in the box passed the ball back to West Ham's own half and back to the West Ham defence. Why, why, why?

Sp#rs on the otherhand, even though they were up against Collins and Upson, who are good in the air, seemed to realise that you don't get goals without putting the ball in the box. So despite having about a third as much possession as West Ham, when they did get the ball they put it in the box and were therefore always the more likely to score. And guess what - they opened the scoring when Lennon crossed for Bent.

At least when Noble came on some of the West Ham corners and freekicks were actually crossed into the box and some actually managed to beat the first man. It was from a Noble corner that Di Michele might have snatched a draw but somehow Gomez and the Sp#rs defence managed to hold out and promptly went up the other end of the pitch and scored.

All in all a shocking performance from a team looking bereft of passion and ideas.


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Paul-in Chile said...

Good observations. We couldn't buy a goal, not even with four "strikers" on the pitch at the end. Having said that, I think Di Michele just came on to tie his laces up, the wanker!

Sad to say it, but they were the better side. We defended well, but once our defensive midfielders went off in favour of the great DiMichele and Tristan, there were gaps big enough to drive a bus through. Credit to Zola for trying to go all-out attack at a goal down, though - Curbishley would have taken off a winger and put on a defensive midfielder! But unfortunately what Zola has at his disposal in the forward line are a bunch of has-been Euro journeymen, never will be Premiership material. Zamora was crap but even he would look useful at the moment, I think.

Hopefully Noble is back and that is the last we will ever see of Faubert - he and Boa M need to be out the door as fast as possible. Behrani gets stuck in well, tries for 90 mins, but needs to be on the right, where he started off. Collison on the left? Worth a shot... Behrani, Noble, Parker & Collison. Cole up front to nod the ball on so Bellamy can blast it into the stands... Oh Deano, Deano, wherefore art though Deano?

Pity we don't have a reserve right back as Neill is a lazy arrogant sod, prone to too many mistakes, and it would do him good to sit on the bench for a couple of games, but with Faubert as "cover" he's pretty safe I think! Collins was awesome, Upson as well. Green kept the score respectable. Ilunga needs to have his bleedin' arms cutoff, or the next ref is going to give a penalty for sure.

Its going to be an "interesting" season, two or three wins and you can be 9th, two or three losses and you're down there with Blackburn and West Brom. No "boring mid-table mediocrity" this year, I fear....

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't have any blame for Tristan, I mean lets be honets,just how much time did he have out there. The problem lies with Faubert and Cole...both are useless.And we need Collison out there.

At 2:00 AM, Anonymous Michael said...

The problem today was that we had no attacking midfielder; With Mullins and Parker in central midfield we just have nothing going forwards (Cannot wait for Dyer to return), We also had no width with Behrami and no support from the full backs... Faubert was useless. He had a bad game.. Ilunga didn't look very good either...

Tristan didn't even get a touch so he can't be blamed.

The only positives from this awful game were Upson, Collins and Parker's good performances.

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

total shite ! nuff said !


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