Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Scott Parker Not For Sale - No Way

West Ham have put an official statement up on the West Ham website saying that the club have turned down a bid from T#ottenham for Scott Parker. The statement says in unequivocal terms that Parker is not for sale.

David Sullivan is quoted directly in the statement saying,

"I made a promise that I would not sell Scott and I will not, for any amount of money, break that promise to the West Ham supporters. Scott is not for sale at any price, to anyone.

West Ham supporters, for far too long, have had owners that sell their best players and promise one thing and do another. This is a new era. We are building a bigger, better West Ham and when we make a promise, we honour it.

The statement also says that "Scott Parker has three years left on his contract and the club has opened talks with his agent over a new five-year deal."


At 5:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anyone who understands this y do any of the club bosses think of selling our top players ,parker ,cole diamanti,green,upson,are our top players ,if we want to get anywhere close to top 6 then we keep our stars , players want to play against top european clubs so if we keep em then we have a chance to make it ,we sell any of them we go down its as simple as that..

At 7:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep the ones that perform and have the right attitude. The ones that shirk tackles,misjudge headers and fail to mark properly on set pieces can go,especially if the price is right.

We cannot afford half-wits,part-timers, or players who put it in only when it suits.

Home vs. Wolves told us all we need to know about what needs to be fixed with this club. Zola wasn't where it ends- that's where the clearing out of the rot starts.

Get with the program. Or get on your bike and get out

At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no sale no sale of our players Parker,Parker ,cole, cole y did l write both names twice its easy cause their the heart of our club.........

At 9:31 AM, OpenID undyingking said...

The Guardian today says Parker is upset at being forbidden to talk to Spurs. If true, this is (to say the least) pretty disappointing from a guy who we twice made Hammer of the Year.


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