Monday, October 25, 2010

West Ham Remain Positive

Matthew Upson says that West Ham are not panicking after Saturday's poor performance,

"We're not hitting the panic button. People can get carried away with our performances and our position but before this game we went on a five-match unbeaten run. We weren't on a drastically bad run. We just need to turn a few draws into wins."

Avram Grant is also remaining positive and says his job is not under threat,

"I remain positive. It is harder now but there are just under 30 games to go and we have games in the next two months that we can win.

"If we play like we did until now, when we had five games unbeaten and all the draws we were more close to winning, we will be okay. The owners told me they are patient, they understand. We knew that this season would be tough, we don't want to be in this situation."


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Panic obviously isn't the answer,but if Upson thinks he can ignore the totally unprofessional performance on Saturday purely because the results in the previous 5 matches were good, he's dreaming. You cannot lose home matches to relegation rivals and survive in the Premier League-it cannot be done.

The performance was more worrying than the result,even though we desperately needed the points. Our unwillingness to close down the space and stop the supply of crosses into the box,and our inability to make even simple passes in the second half was embarrassing. It was well below Premiership standard and there is no excuse for it.

The two obvious threats going into the match were Carroll and Nolan,the latter having a good career record against us. How could we possibly be unprepared for that? We had let-offs against Wolves and Fulham ,but you can't rely on luck every week. Riding our luck deservedly caught up with us Saturday .

Up until this last match,I've been willing to say that on the whole ,Grant has done a reasonable job. But in terms of player selection and formation on Saturday he got it very wrong. And at halftime he clearly did not get his message across about closing down the space. Newcastle players had acres of space the entire second half,which is totally unacceptable. Losing Upson and piquionne to injury is no excuse - our team should be able to get the basics right regardless of injuries.

The team needs soem stability. Constantly changing the formation and personnel is counter-productive. There was no value in having Carlton Cole start and having 3 up front,regardless of Cole's goal. Apart from that goal,Cole contributed very little. And we have paid a big price, not because Newcastle are anything special. But because we could not execute the basics of the game properly and because of some very poor managerial decisions. This is totally unacceptable given our league position. It beggars belief that this was allowed to happen against mediocre opposition.

Supporters left in droves way before the final whistle. The manager and his staff and the players should take note that supporters are fed up with this yo-yo inconsistency and will not tolerate it.
They will vote not only with their feet ,but with their wallets

At 1:14 PM, Anonymous MattyG said...

very well said.

At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto that.
I'm completely sick of it now. When was the last time we actually won two premiership games back to back? Does anyone remember? Or even scored more than one goal?
One good-ish season in 5 years is a shit return for all the cash we've forked out isn't it? As for filling a 60,000 seater stadium, running track or not they're having a laugh. Every time we lose now there's another bunch of fans who say 'i've had enough' and stop attending games.

At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

when u see all the other clubs in london doing well,its really hard being a west ham supporter,i am really sick of it,something got to give. Get a good old english manager that know something about the pride of WEST HAM UTD,and let him rip in to them,then day might start playing.

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with last comment i have always been proud to support the Hammers, been going since mid 60's spent a fortune on season tickets and replica shirts for myself and my son,it has not been right since Harry left in my opinion, enough is enough this will be the last year i buy a season ticket but i am fed up of spending a fortune to be disapointed every saturday i can sit at home and do that, i will always be a Hammer and i am sure there will be some on here that will berate me but i have had my fill and if the club thinks i am going to fork out to watch championship fixtures next year they are wrong.
And yes i am p****d off!!

At 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like 7.43 I have been supporting the Hammers since the 60's and my son and I have had tickets in the Rio stand for years.
After last season we said enough was enough and rejected the pathetic e-mails imploring us to renew our seats whilst we still had the chance!
It was a hell of a wrench, and we managed to get to the away game at Villa to get our fix.
Ever optimistic as you get after years of disappointment we started to get twitchy after beating Spurs and a couple of lucky draws and started to wonder if we'd done right.
Well we watched Saturday's game live on Sky and are unanimous that not renewing was the best £800 we've never spent.

John V P

At 7:28 AM, Anonymous MattyG said...

same as you, i never renewed my season ticket, and after a few half decent performances and a cracking performance against sp*rs, i was even considering buying a season ticket either a reduced one or half season ticket, but after the last two performances, i am glad i havent.

At the moment, we are not a quality side, we are not a PL side. We are shocking. I will admit I dont like Grant, and didnt want him for the job, but was prepared to give him a chance. But iim afraid, the chances are running out. We need a manager who can inspire our team. Motivate them to win. And give them a good Bollocking when they are not performing.

I was not Zolas greatest fan, however the team worked hard for him, and they respected him. It showed last season in the final few games. The team do not seem to have that same respect for Grant. Zola may not be the man for the job, but he commanded respect and that is what we need. All last year, we never played great, but not very many people called for Zolas head (not what i heard anyway) only the papers. However this is a different thing, with everyone i know unhappy with grant.

The way we are playing we are struggling to fill our 35000 seater stadium, still having a shed load of tickets available on the day. How can they be so sure of filling a 60000??? especially with the way they are playing, we are losing more fans than we are gaining!!!! I will always be a Hammer, through thick and thin, but it does not mean i will be departing with my money! for that i want quality displays, and passion.
Lets hope that we can have a good match tomorrow against Stoke and hope that we can kickstart our season from here (im sure ive said this before about a cup game against Sunderland!!!!!)

A forever hammer!!!!


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