Monday, January 17, 2011

The No Real News - Round-up

There is still a deafening silence from West Ham over the future of Avram Grant. Which leaves the papers free to speculate and throw around their 'senior sources' claims.

The Express say that West Ham boss Avram Grant has already negotiated a pay-off on his four-year deal.

The Telegraph say West Ham have decided to sack Grant this week but Martin O'Neill has yet to agree terms to take over.

The Sun claim Avram Grant has told friends he will never resign. They also say Martin O'Neill will not consider the job whilst Grant is still in charge.

The Daily Star claim West Ham are offering Martin O'Neill a summer war chest worth up to £20m.

Lots of the papers write that Martin O'Neill has serious misgivings over the West Ham job.

The Daily Mail report that West Ham and Fiorentina are likely to agree a transfer fee for Valon Behrami this week.


At 12:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

....and I've always had 'serious misgivings' about the media. Especially the rags, who are happy to speculate and print any old shite, with one aim in mind - to sell more rags. The fiasco over the last few days bears me out on that one.

At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it Just me but getting really pissed off with stories about who we are signing, speculation about our manager and the players.
If the board came out and said how it is it would stop all this crap.
All we fans want is to see that everyone at the club is doing everything to stop us going down which lets be honest is all we are interested in!!!!
Gold, sullivan, brady sort it out now!!!!!
For F@@@s sake
Bob The Hammer

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lack of clarity on the managerial situation is not helping us avoid going down, and it is alienating supporters. It is imperative that the owners of the club make a decision,and make it quickly. The longer this goes on unresolved,the worse shape the club gets in. The Board and Grant must accept that the delay in resolving this is doing a massive disservice to the supporters.

Supporters may not be so forgiving this time if we go down. There are tactical errors being made by both the manager and the Board . The lack of communication is something that supporters are going to definitely remember when it comes time to renew season tickets,whatever division we are in.

If you treat your customers with disrespect,eventually,sooner or later,they walk.

At 8:32 PM, Anonymous RobHammer said...

all this talk about Dr Death getting sacked win lose or draw against the arse, MON takin over is all a plan thought up by one of our owners, probably sullivan i think. first you undermind the manager in the press with brady then you don't back him. finally start the rumour, that way he looks like he's trying to get the top target out there knowing full well he hasn't got a prayer, then can blame the so called leak as the reason our top target didn't come. typical golivan using the press to say they're trying to all they can for west ham but are really doing sod all, as usual. hope i'm wrong up the irons!

At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Bruce said...

It'a all a mess that should have been avoided months ago. We're going down cos of a spineless board, pathetic owners, a crap manager and no class. Just saw us draw 2-2 with Everton while we led twice. Only a few mins to go, but we couldn't hang on as we have no steel. We're bottom of the league and deserve it. Shameful!


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