Tuesday, January 18, 2011

West Ham Committed to Avram Grant - Ha!

West Ham have finally released an official statement about the future of Avram Grant. Contrary to all rumours the club claim that they 'are committed to retaining Avram Grant as manager and have identified potential transfer targets to give us the best possible chance of retaining Premier League status.'

The statement also says it denies 'allegations made in today's Daily Mirror with regard to Karren Brady' and has placed the matter in the hands of their lawyers.

The Mirror claims that Brady has been talking to senior players at the club asking them if they wanted to demand the manager’s head.

Most of the newspapers seem to think that West Ham are far from committed to Avram Grant and have only been forced to retain him because of their whole mishandling of the situation. The leaking on Saturday that Grant was about to be sacked seems to have put off O'Neill and other managerial targets.

Obviously I don't want to get involved in any legal battles over the claims that Brady has been trying to get the players to revolt against the manager. However I can't help wondering if Parker's absence on Saturday had anything to do with his feelings over the way Grant was being treated by the club.

I have also heard pretty strong rumours that the BBC's 'inside source' on Saturday was Karren Brady and that she was personally responsible for the rumours that Grant was to be replaced by Martin O'Neill after the Arsenal game.

Whatever has happened behind the scenes at West Ham one thing is certain. The present owners have completely mishandled the situation, have seriously damaged the reputation of West Ham, have seriously undermined Avram Grant and also seem to have pissed off a number of senior players.


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Seemed to. Seem...seem again, seem seem seem"

Actually I think this is all the medias doing. They've been riding Grant all season despite earlier in the season the big bad owners came out in support of him already. Not for the first time. There has obviously been a degree of mishandling by the management but then at the same time a degree of misdirection from the media "oh we love Grant now, even though we've been slating him all season with no respite. Lets blame the owners who for some reason the fans all ready dislike, lets fan that fire now"
Why they aredisliked I'll never know, I'm fairly sure without them West Ham United would not be anymore thans to previous owners.
I'm behind Grant all the way, we're not doomed! We're just points away from saftey, a few fucking points not 25. I noticed they didn't say how bad Liverpool or Villa are dong in the main national papers, they just want to kick us about. Hey like I said we're just points away from a former top 4 and 5 team.
As for senior player rebelling...who and where does it say this? I think thats crap. Parker loves it here despite the management, he liked playing under Zola but never stoped playing for him when things got rough there. Could it be the other way around and he is not happy with Grant? Or could it be because he twisted his nkle tuesday night training? Toughie there. This is all blown out of proportion for your pleasure. Thank god we have tabloid press.

Now as for Brady 'undermining' Grant over the Sidwell afair, she did good. why the hell do we need another central mid? I think of our 25 registered players we have 24 players who can play there! And not one striker really worth a rub. Well done Brady, that was shrewed if a little rude. Now that money can go towards that elusive goal scoring striker, especially now we finally have left back covered for the time being. Just pour Sidwells money into the strike force. She made possibly the best move the board has made for a long long time, though no one can see it for some reason or other. Thanks KB. Also having never pulled that shit with leaking a managerial potion is about to open, or leking board 'secrets' on recored thats something shes not done in football for 18 years. why would she start now. Glad you stated that was rumor and not fact. I'm reasonably happy with Dave and Dave Ja Voue though I wish they'd stop on the OS idea. he problem isn't the new board its the injurys and the lack of passion the crap second rate cover players show each week. The sooner the players get told to take responsibility the better. Seems no matter how bad they play, how many times the give the ball away etc, their part is always overshadowed by this fucking stupid board room speculation from the papers. This is just giving those shitters who turn out eah week (with a few exceptions) excuses.

'I can't concentrate on football when mummy and daddy are arguing in the board room about things I don't understand.'

Rant over. It probably makes no sense but there is a point in there somewhere...I think.

Darren. Angry fecking Hammer.

At 2:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems to make perfect sense to me

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Personally I think SuGo want us relegated so they can buy up the rest of the club on the cheap. If they were looking to replace Grant surely they would have done it before the transfer window opened.
They never made a hash of Birmingham like this, so it is either a case of heart ruling head, or something more devious & underhand...

At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with a lot of what has been said, but the fact remains we are bottom of the premier league and we are running out of games.
We have a manager who is not capable of keeping us up because his tactics are bewildering!! and are not working.
And don't get me started on the players!!!
We may be only a few points away from safety but we don't seem to be doing anything to give us a fighting chance ie strengthen the squad.
If we stay up it will be a miracle the clubs a F@@@@@g mess.
I never agreed with Grants appointment but he has been treated appallingly by the club, this mess should have been sorted a long time ago.
Why are the board not talking to us and telling us what plans they have to keep us up!!!!!
Bob The Hammer

At 3:59 PM, Anonymous MattyG said...

The only reason that the club made a statement was because an accusation was made against Karren Brady. No other reason. Or a statement would have been released earlier. And notice that only a small proportion of the statement was about grant. It was an after thought, probably due to the fact that they buggared up any chance of getting a new manager!!! Simple!

I think the grant saga has been handled very badly and it's only the owners and management team that are to blame. Liverpool managed to keep it all under wraps, and conduct themselves professionally, why is it we can't?

And as for the comment that west ham would be no more if the two clowns hadn't bought the club... That's bollocks. West ham had 2 other public bids and offers on the table. Tony Fernandez for one. Who knows what would have happened under him, but what we all know is true, we are a laughing stock and the most unprofessional and undesirable team for prospective players and managers in the premiership.

Let's look forward to championship football next hear, and more farcical stories and management of the club from the two porn lovers and their not so glamourous assistant


At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The following things are indisputable:

1- Altho i do feel that the owners want the club to succeed,they have mishandled this situation ,especially in the run-up to the Arsenal game

2- the media have not helped us either,as they have blown everything out of proportion to the fullest extent possible

3- grant has been mistreated,but he is also very much responsible for the mess we are in

4- certain senior players,Parker excluded ,have underperformed .and are also very much responsible for our situation

5- we did not operate intelligently in teh summer transfer window. Reid and Barrera may have potential,but they were never going to be ready to succeed in the Premier League this season. We needed players to help us avoid a relagation battle, not ones who might be useful to us 2 years down the line

6- teh way grant's possible exit has been handled will make it very difficult to attract another manager,and very difficult to attract any more players this window

A lot of what Darren posted makes perfect sense

At 10:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meanwhile we are one game away from a cup final and a couple of wins away from mid table.

And I have really grown to like Grant he has shown integrity and can't be blaimed for a thin squad, injuries and lack lustre performances.


At 10:43 AM, Anonymous MattyG said...

It's grants job to stop the lack lustre performances and motivate the players and produce good performances. Something he has not done. As for the thin squad, he is not completely to blame, but the players he has brought in haven't exactly been good signings have they!!! But the owners have to shoulder that blame too.

However he has consistently shown respect and integrity something which I admire in him.
However the performances have shown he should not be in charge of wear ham. A semi final place should not over shadow the fact we are bottom of the league. Ok as you state only 2 points from 15th but it has been this way for sometime and yet we are still bottom of the league!! Unfortunately it is just not good enough.


At 4:41 PM, Anonymous David said...

Time to get Martin O'Neil in - please!

we are a community football club,
come and have a look if you think you are hard enough.


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