Monday, May 09, 2011

Rebuilding West Ham

It has been a pretty miserable weekend. My morning was brightened only a little by the gallows humour displayed in the The Sun's West Ham match report, which opens with,

"The last time West Ham were relegated the big fear was their players would all leave.

The concern this time is that they might stay."

With relegation being all but a certainty many West Ham fans have probably already given a thought or two to how many of the current players will be here next season. The owners have already indicated that West Ham's 'England players' will be sold in the summer.

With West Ham's huge debt it also seems certain that the current owners are already preparing for a fire sale of the current squad.

Upson is out of contract and seemed destined to leave the club anyway. Parker will obviously be a big target for other clubs, with rumours that Sp#rs are still interested in signing the West Ham midfielder. Demba Ba, with 5 goals in 10 games, looks to be a likely target for a number of other Premier League clubs. Green also will presumably be in demand.

Hitzlsperger I assume will be moving on and, if anyone wants him, I assume Carlton Cole will also be sold.

West Ham will almost definitely be desperate to move on Faubert, Dyer and Barrera.

Obviously this is all speculation but it seems to me that West Ham will be left with something like,

Goalkeepers: Marek Stech, Peter Kurucz

Defence: Jacobsen, Tomkins, Da Costa, Gabbidon, Reid

Midfield: Collison, Noble, Spector, Kovac, Boa Morte, Stanilas, O'Neill

Attack: Piquionne, Hines, Sears, Nouble

This looks like a reasonable spine but it will need strengthening in all departments.

So (barring a miracle escape from relegation) which players do you think West Ham should be targeting to help them escape from the Championship?


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Andy Harding said...

if west ham do go down, and its not a certainty, beat Wigan and beat Sunderland stay up. But having said that , to answer the question, with a large parachute payment, clubs who have not managed to get promoted and whos payments have ceased will need to offload players, so Reading Leeds cardif etc, thats who we should target.

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Chris McGrath said...

Gk- sparoni, Westwood
Def- Samba,St ledger, Billy jones, Addison, Gunter
Mid-Eagles, knightly, snodgrass, Chris McCann
Fw-Long, rodallega, victor Moses, kalinic

Possible big name lone signings for the championsip

At 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Messi,Inesta,Teves,Ronaldo and Villa.
Or am I being a little ambitious.
Bob the Hammer

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think at this stage it is a certainty that we are going down... i think we should offload the majority of the squad and rebuild like last time. The only players id like to stay would be collison,noble,da costa and tomkins realisticly anyway id like to see ba,parker,green and hitzlesperger but i cant see them staying and would be glad to see the back of dyer,upson,faubert,cole and barrera with abit of luck

At 7:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I shall be happy as long as Kovac departs!

At 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is going to want to buy these players with no spunk.I can see Paker going but who will want to buy Cole,Upson,Faubert,Kovac,Boa Morte list goes on....Hitzsperger will find a club but hope he stays.

At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Shane said...

Goalkeepers:Rudd Boffin, Marek Stech, Peter
Goalkeepers are fine if we go down

Defence: Jacobsen, Tomkins, Da Costa, Gabbidon, Reid
We have spence who can play rb/cb and so only lack left backs

Midfield: Collison, Noble, Spector, Kovac, Stanilas, Barrera
I think boa will have contract up? And oneil is injured for all of next season
personally I think a player like Barrera will be amazing In the champoinship and it may be the experience he needs
Not sure the academy has enough so unless Hines and sears play on the wings we will need to sign cm and left and right winger

Attack: Piquionne, Hines, Sears, Nouble
Ok we are a little light up top especially if some of these play in midfield
May need to sign one... I think Ba will stay as he can't pass a medical and hasn't had very long


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