Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why Zidane Lost It

Today,with the help of Italian lip-reader Arturo Belladini, we can reveal what drove Zidane to self destruct; Materazzi was seen to hold Zidane's shirt on the edge of the penalty box in extra-time at which point Zidane said,

"If you want my shirt so bad you can have it!"

Materazzi responded, "I dont want your shirt you m***** f*****. you're a f****** old man"

As they jog away Zidane is seen to laugh at this. Materazzi then hit a volley of abuse "you should've quit 2 years ago, you're a f****** has-been" "m***** f*****! your mum is a f****** muslim terrorist and you are to,f*** you old man f*** you, old man, this arena is not for you anymore m***** f*****"

Zidane carries on jogging away, still apparently amused by the tirade. It is then that Materazzi delivered his final and worst insult, "You are only good enough for Tottenham now" It is at this point that Zidane lost his cool, turned and head-butted the Italian. And who can blame him. (credit to Gavrot at Hammers Mad)


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