Tuesday, September 05, 2006

West Ham Unveil New Pair

At a press conference today West Ham unveiled their new signings Tevez and Mascherano. Alan Pardew was quick to dispel some of the myths surrounding the players, claiming they have signed for four years and repeating the assurance that they are not contractually obliged to be picked for the first team,

""People forget that they have signed four-year-deals, they are not going anywhere in the next transfer window, let's enjoy their quality and see where it takes us. We want to go to another level and challenge the big clubs and I think we're going down the right route to doing that.

What I want to say to West Ham fans is this, forget the negativity that's surrounded this transfer, look at the positives. We are looking towards getting a great season under our belts with a great team and so let's stick together to support that goal."


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