Tuesday, June 03, 2008

West Ham Fans Not Renewing Season Tickets

According to research by Virgin Money 25% of West Ham fans are not going to renew their season tickets because of the increase in prices. A combination of a recession in the economy and the far from exciting style of football produced by West Ham last season might be the final straw for a number of fans.

However what fans say in a survey and what they actually do may be completely different. I would be surprised if the number of actual non-renewals was as high as 25% by the start of the new season.

Malcolm Clarke, chairman of the Football Supporters Federation, said,

"In the difficult financial climate we all face the football industry must wake up and smell the coffee. The huge amount of money pouring into the Premier League means there is absolutely no justification for any price rises at all at the top of the game.

"For too long some Premier League clubs have believed there is no limit to the extent to which they can exploit the brand loyalty of their supporters. They may now find this greed will come back to bite them on the backside."


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

think u made some good points here. i agree that in the end, i think many of those saying they won t renew ,will indeed renew. But Malcolm Clarke s comment is a fair one, that with all the TV revenue in the game,it shouldn t be necessary to raise prices every season.

Ironically, if there ever was a season where a price rise could be justified ,not taking into account TV revenue ,it is this one given that the club,like all of us,is impacted by rising petrol costs etc. Obviously our unique circumstances of having an icelandic owner ,whose currency and banking system have hit the proverbial gutter,doesn t help either.

I can totally sympathize with those who are more than irritated with the hike in the cost of season tickets,but at the same time ,if there is no price hike,that wud make it even harder for us to afford buying players to bolster the squad ,and not let the gap between us and clubs like villa ,everton and man city grow.

bad situation. no winners,from a supporters point of view

g portugal

At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Chris // NYC Hammers said...

Will it put people off? Nope. See: American Sports.

I don't think the tickets are as expensive here as they are in UK (NFL average ticket price is 35 pounds). The real money is made in the US on concessions, where a beer can cost 10 bucks, and Hot Dog 6. No matter how inflated the cost (average beer in bar $4-6, Hot Dog $2-3), people will still show up and buy the tickets but certain people will be forced to the sidelines (I have been to one baseball game since I've had to work to get by, and it was free tickets.). Unfortunately, I may never get to see a match in London because our dollar is worth even less overseas than it is in our stadiums.


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