Sunday, October 19, 2008

West Ham in the Sunday Papers

Today's Sunday papers are full of the most ridiculous invented stories about West Ham that I have heard for a while. Here is today's thinly veiled tissue of lies:

The People claim that James Collins could join Cardiff on loan or go on a 'free' transfer. You couldn't make it up. Oh, they did.

The News of the World say it is feared that Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson's 95% share of West Ham could have been snatched by the British or Icelandic government. The paper quotes a 'senior West Ham source' claiming that nobody knows if his stake in West Ham has been seized by Britain or Iceland.

Of course not! Of course Gudmundsson wouldn't know if someone had seized his West Ham assets. He's that rich that he wouldn't notice Gordon Brown sneaking off down the garden path with West Ham in his back pocket.

The People have the earth shattering news that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is not going to buy West Ham. I wish to state publicly, once again, that I'm still not considering buying West Ham.


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