Friday, January 16, 2009

Bellamy Hands in Transfer Request

Despite The Mail last night claiming West Ham had agreed to sell Bellamy to Sp@rs for £12 million they (and the rest of the media) are now claiming that West Ham have turned down that offer and are refusing to let Bellamy to leave the club.

Sky say,

"Bellamy was offered a new contract by the club on Thursday, but turned down the extension after talks with chief executive Scott Duxbury.

He also asked Duxbury to be allowed to leave the Hammers for the club's London rivals, but his request was knocked back.

This week The Mail have claimed West Ham were greedy and holding out for a ludicrous fee for Bellamy, they then claimed we had agreed to sell him, they now claim we are refusing to sell him.

I guess one of these scenarios could be true. This is The Mail's new school of journalism - throw enough shit and eventually you will hit the target.


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