Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mail Campaign Against West Ham

It seems that West Ham have turned down a third offer from Man City for Craig Bellamy.

The Mail say that it is "understood" that City have had bids of £12million for Wales striker Bellamy and £10m for midfielder Parker turned down. Now rather than report that West Ham have continually insisted that the two players are not for sale The Mail are reporting this story as if West Ham have an obligation to sell their players to Man City and are now just being greedy.

They report that "Manchester City (are) losing patience", that "Manchester City could walk away ... as they become increasingly exasperated" and "they are not frightened to walk away from ludicrous demands."

I understand that the failure of West Ham to spontaneously combust causes no end of consternation at The Mail but where does it say we have to sell our players to other clubs.

If The Mail were not so biased against West Ham they might not have missed the real news story here. The real story isn't West Ham's greed but City's inability to sign quality players despite their apparent endless wealth.

To keep their fans happy the club made a ludicrous bid to sign Kaka for £100 million knowing full well the offer would fail or if it was successful the player would never agree to play for them. Now every other club in the world know that City are prepared to pay silly money.

So to sign players City are going to have pay silly money.

Perhaps The Mail are upset because when City had a £9.5 million offer rejected for Bellamy they ludicrously claimed the move would be "wrapped up soon for around £10 million." Don't they get bored with being endlessly proved wrong.


At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did the daily mail ever consider that west ham DONT want to sell these players???? At the end of the day, West ham are not making ludicrious demands, They are simply not selling their best players. It the papers that are twisting words, and conveying negative media hype over this saga that is making the whole subject boring now!!!! When West ham were looking for new players, they were accused of changing football for the worse due to the fact we were spending money. Man City do the same and nothing is said! can you honestly blame west ham if they are holding out for more money??? is that not buisness??? except yet again, West ham are the Villains!!!! do your research thoroughly for once, and start reporting on the actuall issues.......WEST HAM DONT WANT TO SELL THEIR BEST PLAYERS...........

At 3:21 PM, Blogger RapidHammer said...

Don't understand why Mr Samuel whose comments in the Times I liked very muched has joined the Daily Mail. And to me it seems as if his pieces have become worse since they are published in the Mail.


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