Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Curbishley Puts the Case For West Ham

I think The Daily Mail are trying to win back some West Ham fans to their dwindling readership. This morning they published an article by Martin Samuels (see below) that pointed out numerous reasons why Sheffield United were not good enough to avoid relegation.

Now The Daily Mail have printed comments by Alan Curbishley in which he eloquently points out that West Ham were not saved from relegation by Carlos Tevez.

'It's fundamentally flawed, I think, the argument that Carlos Tevez kept West Ham up. When you think about what goes on in a whole season for the judgement to say that Tevez kept us up, or was the main reason we stayed up, is wrong.

'Cast your mind back, Tevez didn't score for 20 games. In the run in in the last nine games we used 13 players which we never had the opportunity to do before because of injuries.

'People forget we scored a winning goal at Blackburn that didn't cross the line - so are they going to sue the linesman and the referee?

'We kept a lot of clean sheets. I don't think any West Ham fans will ever forget the game at Arsenal when Rob Green made about a dozen saves. Bobby Zamora scored two winning goals at home to Everton and away to Arsenal.

'Bobby Zamora had been out injured and came in for the run-in and was nice and fresh. James Collins came in and was nice and fresh. We brought Mark Noble in and suddenly we had a different team. We managed to keep it together in terms of consistent team selection.'


At 9:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole debacle is a joke, and had we not needed it sorted to sell the club, i am sure we would have fought on.

As for Warnock and co making a claim, i don't know how they have the nerve. "i should be a premiership manager" he said on the radio this week. If that is the case you would be. You left Sheff United after claimaing that red and white ran through your veins, thinking a big club would take you on. They did not because frankly you are not good enough. Should have taken more points and you would be there.

As for the second rate players, is it WHUFC fault that you did not make the grade.

I think the main point is West Ham owe nothing to Sheff united. If Seff U had a problem with Tevez (which they did not until it affected them) they should look to the Prem League who in turn should look to West Ham, if the PL thought we had done anything wrong. They did so, to the tune of £5.5Million. That should be end of it all.

Any issues the players and warnock have are not with WH but are with their employers at the time Sheff Utd who in turn should persue the prem league, who in turn should persue West Ham if they think fit. Even if they had not gone down then they would have the following season as they were kak.

We owe no duty to Anyone, nor have any contract or other reason to pay anyone. There is no legal basis for the claim.

As for Ken bates....well....

leave us be. Finally we are doing ok.

At 8:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great comment
perfect sense

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well put. great comment


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