Friday, November 13, 2009

Carr Calls for Rule Changes

This is London have an interesting article today in which Tony Carr calls for rule changes around the signing of young players.

Tony Carr argues that the present rules, which state that young players between the ages of nine and twelve have to live within an hour's travelling time of their club's training ground and 90 minutes between the ages of 13-16, are restricting the development of young players.

Carr argues that if the present rules had existed in the past West Ham would not have been able to develop Michael Carrick and Man Utd would not have been able to school David Beckham.

Carr argues that the present restrictions need to be relaxed. You just have to look at the present England Under-21 squad and the full England squad, both full of players developed by Carr, to realise that no-one is better qualified to speak on this issue than the West Ham youth coach.


At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Carr we trust.

At 6:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah baby


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